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3M™ PF-5052

A replacement for ozone depleting substances, ideal for use in medium temperature range heat transfer applications. Has a boiling point of 50 °C.


750lb Drum



Product Overview

A clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid PF-5052 fluid is chemically and thermally stable, practically non-toxic, and nonflammable. (b.p 50C)

End Markets: Facility Infrastructure; Medical & Pharmaceutical


Depositing or removing fluorinated oils and lubricants along with use as heat transfer fluid in medium temperature ranges.
Related Applications: Heat Exchangers; Heat Transfer Skids; Vapor Degreasing

Features & Benefits

•	Thermal stability
• Chemical stability
• Wide liquid range
• Non-conductive

Product Specifications

•	Appearance: Clear, colorless 
• Average Molecular Weight: 299
• Boiling Point (1 atm): 50°C
• Pour Point: -80°C
• Estimated Critical Temperature: 454 K
• Latent Heat of Vaporization (at normal boiling point): 105 J/g
• Liquid Density: 1.07 g/ml
• Kinematic Viscosity: 0.40 centistokes
• Absolute Viscosity: 0.68 centipoise
• Coefficient of Expansion: 0.0016 °C-1
• Surface Tension: 10 dynes/cm
• Refractive Index: 1.266
• Water Solubility: 14 ppmw
• Solubility in Water: <5 ppmw

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