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Emergency diesel fuel treatment to dissolve wax and ice blockages in cold weather environments.


12qt Case



Product Overview

Re-Flow® is a premium emergency diesel fuel additive for stalled engines and wax/ice buildup.  Suitable for both on and off road use, the additive contains a detergent and cetane improver to remove blockages and raise ignition quality. 

Product Specifications

Appearance Clear yellow liquid
Density, lbs/gal. 7.098
Specific Gravity @ 77°F/25°C 0.8523
Shelf Life: 24 months

Features & Benefits

Reliquifies Gelled Diesel Fuels
Thaws frozen fuel lines and de-ice filters
Reduces risk of repeated engine stalls
Increases fuel stability and corrosion control
Improves ignition quality for cold weather starts


Recommended treat rate for ReFlow® is 1 quart per 100 gallons of #2 diesel.  For severe gelling, use 1 quart per 25 gallons of #2 diesel.

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