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Synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) general purpose lubricanting oil and compressor fluid (ISO 68) with a specialty additive package designed for a wide variety of applications.




Product Overview

Premium synthetic rust/oxidation inhibited possessing antifoam and water separation performance. Specifically designed for rotary vane compressors but suitable for all compressor designs (ISO 68)

Product Specifications

Primary Chemistry: PAO/Diester

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ANDEROL® Industrial Lubricants

Anderol® specialty lubricants includes a diverse portfolio of ester, group III mineral oil, and PAO-type lubricant chemistries. These lubricants serve compressors, food grade lubricants, gears, bearings, chains, and hydraulic fluids. They are used in many industrial applications, such as in compressors and vacuum pumps. They cut maintenance requirements by approximately half, improving operating efficiency and extending machine life; less maintenance contributes to overall cost effectiveness.

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