AAEMA (Acetoacetoxyethyl Methacrylate)

AAEMA (Acetoacetoxyethyl Methacrylate) container

Key Applications

Polymers Adhesives Coatings Colorants

Product Description

Lonzamon™ AAEMA from Arxada (formerly known as Lonza) is 2-(Acetoacetoxy)ethyl methacrylate; CAS Number: 21282-97-3. Lonzamon™ AAEMA acrylic monomer is used in coatings and adhesive applications to improve mechanical and solvent resistance. AAEMA has excellent hydrolytic stability and weatherability and a low viscosity and water absorption. Lonzamon™ AAEMA promotes adhesion to metal, mineral, and wood surfaces. AAEMA can also replace styrene in the production of unsaturated polyesters.

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