Aqualon™ Ethylcellulose

Aqualon™ Ethylcellulose

Key Applications

Tablet Binding, Tablet Film Coating

Product Description

Typically, ethylcellulose is used as a non-swellable, insoluble component in matrix or coating systems, but Aqualon ethylcellulose (EC) is soluble in a wide range of organic solvents and can be used to coat one or more active ingredients of a tablet to prevent them from reacting with other materials or with one another. It can prevent discoloration of easily oxidizable substances such as ascorbic acid, allowing granulations for easily compressed tablets and other dosage forms.


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Aqualon™ EC-N200 PC Aqualon™ EC-N200 PC is an oil-soluble thickener and film former. SDS* TDS*

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