Klucel Nutra™ D

Klucel Nutra™ D is a directly compressible tablet binder ideal for waterless formats like toothpaste tablets.
Product Overview
Klucel Nutra™ D is derived from sustainably sourced wood-based cellulose. It offers outstanding compressibility and creates tablets with a high breaking force.
Product Specifications

Appearance: White to off-white powder
Water solubility: >2 g/L
Viscosity (10% aqueous solution, 25°C, cP): 150-800
Use level: 2.0-4.0 wt%

Features & Benefits

Made from renewable, sustainably sourced cellulose
Exhibits plasticity and toughness
Offers outstanding compressibility
Creates tablets with a high breaking force
Delivers low friability
Improves yields by reducing tablet defects
Enables smaller tablets, depending on formulation
Reduces dust and tablet chipping in packaging
Vegan suitable

Problems Solved

Dust and tablet chipping in packaging
Tablets with low breaking force
Tablets that are too large due to the tablet binder amount

Toothpaste tablets