Germall™ 115

Germall™ 115 acts synergistically with other preservatives. With parabens, it provides a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeast, and mold. This activity has made the Germall™ 115-paraben combination one of the most widely used cosmetic products.
Product Overview
INCI Imidazolidinyl Urea

Germall™ 115 was introduced in 1965 as the first preservative that was active against gram-negative bacteria (particularly Pseudomonas) and promptly became the most commonly use cosmetic preservative in the world after parabens.
Product Specifications
Form: White, free-flowing hygroscopic powder
Use Levels: 0.2 - 0.6%
pH Range: 3.0 - 9.0
Primary Chemistry: Imidazolidinyl Urea
Features & Benefits
Very effective against
gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
Acts synergistically with other preservatives
Effective over broad pH
range 3.0 – 9.0
Global use
Vegan Suitable
Well-suited for creams, emulsions, sun care, mascara, rouge and powders, shampoos, conditioners