LiquaPar™ Preservatives

LiquaPar™ Preservatives

Key Applications

Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care

Product Description

These preservatives deliver efficient antimicrobial power to a wide variety of personal care products. Balanced, synergistic and boasting broad-spectrum protection, they are compatible with many other cosmetic ingredients.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
LiquaPar™ MEP LiquaPar™ MEP preservative provides broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast, and mold, and is effective over a broad pH range. SDS TDS*
LiquaPar™ Oil LiquaPar™ Oil is a 100% active, clear, stable, liquid preservative which is very effective preservative against Gram-positive bacteria, yeast, and mold. SDS* TDS*
LiquaPar™ Optima LiquaPar™ Optima preservative is a broad spectrum, liquid preservative system that is designed o prevent microbiological contamatination. SDS* TDS*
LiquaPar™ PE LiquaPar™ PE is a broad spectrum antimicrobial system which is effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, yeast and mold, including difficult to control Pseudomonas species. SDS* TDS*
LiquaPar™ PN LiquaPar™ PN is a preservative that has proven to be an effective system for rinse-off personal care products. SDS* TDS*

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