Optiphen™ is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. The combination of these ingredients provides optimized protection against microbial growth from bacteria and yeast while giving the finished product exceptional feel.
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Product Overview
INCI Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol

Offers effective protection against bacteria, yeast and mold growth while imparting emolliency. Optiphen preservatives can be used alone and function synergistically with other preservatives.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear to pale straw liquid
pH Range: 4-8
Use Levels: 0.75-1.5%
Features & Benefits
Broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast and mold
Effective over pH of 4 to 8
Global use
Vegan suitable
Babt care; Hair care; Skin Care; Sun care