Advantage™ Copolymers

Advantage™ Copolymers

Key Applications

Hair Care; Sun Care

Product Description

This film former is used in a wide array of personal applications including hair styling products for its excellent hard-holding performance and sun care products for its ability to help boost SPF and improve water resistance.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Advantage™ HC-37 Advantage™ HC-37 is a film former and hair fixative. SDS TDS*
Advantage™ LC-80 Advantage™ LC-80 is Ethyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer used as film former and hair fixative. SDS TDS*
Advantage™ LC-A Advantage™ LC-A is a film former and hair fixative. It is the low-odor version of Gaffix™ VC-713. SDS TDS*
Advantage™ Plus Advantage™ Plus is both a hair fixative polymer and a water-resistant agent for skin care. SDS TDS*
Advantage™ Revive Advantage™ Revive is a patent-pending solution that delivers superior cleaning for dry shampoo formulations. It has improved sebum removal and leaves visibly less to no residue on the hair. SDS* TDS*
Advantage™ S Advantage™ S is a water-soluble film former and hair fixative with pseudo-cationic functionality for alcohol-free styling products. SDS TDS*
Advantage™ S Solution The Solution version of Advantage™ S. SDS TDS*
LC-E EMEA Advantage™ LC E is a terpolymer of vinyl acetate, mono-n-butyl maleate and isobornyl acrylate and Lauryl Pyrrolidone used onhairstyle products. SDS* TDS*

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