AquaStyle™ Polyquaterniums

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Hair Care

Product Description

This styling gel polymer provides consumer perceivable enhanced styling benefits such as stiffness, shine, frizz control, and all-day hold with improved high humidity curl resistance versus traditional hair gel systems.

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AquaStyle™ 300 AF container
AquaStyle™ 300 AF polymer was designed to meet today’s low-VOC requirements and alcohol-free claims of personal care styling products while maintaining the same performance and styling benefits as Aquastyle™ 300 N.
AquaStyle™ SH-100 container
AquaStyle™ SH-100 polymer is an advanced styling polymer that provides long-lasting hold under humid conditions.
AquaStyle™ 300 N container
AquaStyle™ 300 N is a multifunctional fixative and styling polymer and the ideal solution to create extreme styles with durable hold. It has a new process to deliver a low odor alternative.
AquaStyle™ 300 AF-PL container
AquaStyle™ 300 AF-PL offers the same great benefits of AquaStyle™ 300 AF but with a different preservative package.
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AquaStyle™ Polyquaterniums Articles
Ashland™ AquaStyle™ thumbnail
AquaStyle™ SH-100 polymer has been specifically designed to provide long-lasting styles from crystal clear gels. As seen above, 1% solids AquaStyle SH-100 polymer when formulated with 0.6% Carbomer results in crystal clear gels.