Ceraphyl™ Quaterniums

Ceraphyl™ Quaterniums


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Ceraphyl™ 140 Ceraphyl™ 140 is a light, dry-feeling ester. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 140-A Ceraphyl™ 140-A is a light, dry-feeling ester. It has a drier feel than Ceraphyl 140 due to branching. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 230 Ceraphyl™ 230 is light, dry feeling ester which imparts a transient feel during rub out and leaves minimal residue after-feel. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 28 Ceraphyl™ 28 is a performance-enhancing emollient that enhances slip and imparts sheen and silkiness to hair and skin. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 368 Ceraphyl™ 368 is an emollient that imparts a light, non-greasy feel. It is clearer and has a higher viscosity than Ceraphyl 368M. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 368M Ceraphyl™ 368M is an emollient that imparts a light, non-greasy feel. It is a hazier and lower viscosity version of Ceraphyl 368. SDS TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 375 Ceraphyl™ 375 ester is a branched ester with low viscosity and elegant character. It offers formulators an easy way to improve product spreadability and playtime. SDS TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 424 Ceraphyl™ 424 imparts a dry, slightly waxy, non-greasy after feel. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 55 Ceraphyl™ 55 imparts elegance and slip to emulsions as well as low residual after feel. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 791 Ceraphyl™ 791 ester delivers a lubricious and rich touch with a long-lasting after-feel. SDS TDS*
Ceraphyl™ 847 Ceraphyl™ 847 ester imparts a smooth, creamy feel upon application with a long-lasting, rich, cushioned after-feel. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ ODS Ceraphyl™ ODS ester is a branched emollient ester that enhances product spreadability and delivers a silky after-feel without residue. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ RMT Ceraphyl™ RMT is a unique emollient capable of delivering true moisturization benefits from rinse-off products. SDS* TDS*
Ceraphyl™ SLK Ceraphyl™ SLK ester offers improved emolliency, spreadability and a smooth, elegant feel on the skin. SDS TDS*