Ceraphyl™ 140-A

Ceraphyl™ 140-A is a light, dry-feeling ester. It has a drier feel than Ceraphyl™ 140 due to branching.
Product Overview
INCI Isodecyl Oleate
Product Specifications
Form: Water white to straw liquid
Acid value: 5.0 max
Saponification Value: 130.0 - 145.0
Iodine Value: 50.0 - 65.0
Specific Gravity: 0.86 - 0.867
Refractive Index: 1.4540 - 1.4560
Use level: 0.3 - 5.0%
Primary Chemistry: Isodecyl Oleate
Features & Benefits
Excellent spreadability with dry initial feel
Very little residual after-feel
Drier feel than Ceraphyl 140 due to branching
Vegan suitable
Hair shine products
Liquid foundation
Bath oil
Massage oil
Oil-free formulations
Body care
Face care