Conditioneze™ Polyquaterniums

Product Description

Conditioneze™ Polyquaterniums water-soluble polymers provide effective conditioning, are substantive, and impart good skin feel in personal care applications.

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Conditioneze™ NT-20 container
Conditioneze™ NT-20 is a conditioning additive for shampoo that delivers excellent wet and dry combability, builds creamy rich lather, imparts body and manageability and does not lead to build-up on hair.
Conditioneze™ 22 container
Conditioneze™ 22 is a hair conditioning agent that provides excellent conditioning and leaves hair feeling soft and silky and contributes to luster.
Conditioneze™ NT-20-O container
Conditioneze™ NT-20-O is the Optiphen-preserved version of Conditioneze™ NT-20.
Conditioneze™ 37E PC container
Conditioneze™ 37E PC is a hair and skin conditioning agent that provides excellent conditioning and emulsion stabilization in personal care products.
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