Emulsynt™ Emulsifiers

Emulsynt™ Emulsifiers

Key Applications

Skin Care

Product Description

Emulsynt™ Emulsifiers are beneficial for increasing the viscosity of formulations and imparting a luxurious feel for formulations.


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Emulsynt™ 1055 Emulsynt™ 1055 is composed of primary and auxiliary emulsifiers for a wide variety of personal care formulas. It is a very effective w/o, w/silicone emulsifier. It has excellent auxiliary effects as a stabilizer for o/w preparations and is particularly useful for o/w to w/o phase inversion emulsion systems. SDS* TDS*
Emulsynt™ GDL Emulsynt™ GDL is composed of solid esters with melting points slightly above body temperature. It imparts a dry, slightly waxy, non-greasy after feel. This product is useful for increasing the "body" and viscosity of emulsions, and improving the elegance of low cost formulations. SDS* TDS*