Emulsynt™ 1055

Emulsynt™ 1055 is composed of primary and auxiliary emulsifiers for a wide variety of personal care formulas.
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Product Overview
INCI Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate (and) PEG-8 Propylene Glycol Cocoate

Emulsynt™ 1055 can be used as an auxillary pigment binder in pressed powder because it delivers soft and smooth applications.
Product Specifications
Form: Light amber liquid
Use level: 0.4 - 2.0%
Features & Benefits
Very effective for water-in-oil
Very effective for water-in-silicone
Excellent auxiliary effects as a stabilizer for oil-in-water preparations
Useful for oil-in-water to water-in-oil phase inversion emulsion systems
Nature derived
Vegan suitable
Ideal for use in pressed powders, styling creams, lotions, gels