Emulsynt™ GDL

Emulsynt™ GDL is an emollient that imparts a dry, slightly waxy, non-greasy after feel. This product is useful for increasing the "body" and viscosity of emulsions, and improving the elegance of low cost formulations.
Product Overview
INCI Glyceryl Dilaurate

Emulsynt™ GDL is composed of solid esters with melting points slightly above body temperature.
Product Specifications
Form: White to off-white soft solid
Features & Benefits
Liquefies when applied to the body
Offers smooth, silky, dry feel on skin and hair
100% Natural
Vegan suitable
Ideal for sunscreens, after-sun products, color cosmetics, bath oils, creams, lotions, antiperspirants, deodorants, oil-free formulations, baby products, hair styling products