Escalol™ Sunscreen Actives

Escalol™ Sunscreen Actives

Key Applications

Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care

Product Description

The Escalol™ UV filters offer protection against UV-B and UV-A radiation in various sun and skin care applications


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Escalol™ 507 Escalol™ 507 is a powerful oil-soluble UV-B absorber. It provides cost-effective performance and an excellent safety profile. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 517 Escalol™ 517 UV is a strong absorber of radiation in the longer wavelengths of the UV-A (UVA-I 340-400 nm) not covered effectively by other UV absorbers. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 557 Escalol™ 557 is the most widely used sunscreen in the world. It has a broad UV-B absorbency profile, and it is water insoluble. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 567 Escalol™ 567 is a secondary UV-B absorber with activity in UV-A region. It is also recommended at very low levels (<0.5%) as a color-protectant for products in clear packages. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 577 Escalol™ 577 is a water-soluble version of Escalol™ 567. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 587 Escalol™ 587 is oil-soluble and an excellent solubilizer and coupler for other sunscreen actives. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ 597 Escalol™ 597 is a secondary UV-B absorber for high-SPF formulas. It is oil-soluble and enhances performance of water-resistant formulas. This product appears as a yellow, viscous liquid. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ HP Escalol™ HP is a 100% active powder form of Escalol™ HP-610. SDS TDS*
Escalol™ HMS Escalol™ HMS is a globally accepted UV-B filter that displays good formulation compatibility, is a good solvent for hard-to-dissolve UV filters, and may also be used as an auxiliary UV filter. SDS* TDS*
Escalol™ HP-610 Escalol™ HP-610 is a patented, unique, quarternized UV absorber provides quantifiable protection of the hair. It has a low order of toxicity. SDS* TDS*

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