Ganex™ Copolymers

Key Applications

Skin Care; Hair Care

Product Description

These copolymers are excellent film formers and provide water and wear resistance and moisture barrier properties.

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Ganex™ WP-660 container
Ganex™ WP-660 is an oil-soluble film former that provides water resistance and wear resistance for non-polar systems.
Ganex™ P-904 LC container
Ganex™ P-904 LC is an excellent film former that provides water and wear resistance, and moisture barrier properties.
Ganex™ V-220F container
Ganex™ V-220F is the flaked version of Ganex™ V-220. It is a film former with excellent water and wear resistance for cosmetics including sun care, skin care, and hair care.
Ganex™ Sensory container
Ganex™ Sensory is a water-dispersible film former that provides great water and wear resistance without a heavy feel. It's unique hydrophobic character is ideal for sun care formulas and foundations with high oil content.
Ganex™ V-216 container
Ganex™ V-216 is an oil-soluble liquid film former. This versatile polymer provides water and wear resistance in sun care products and color cosmetics.
Ganex™ V-220 container
Ganex™ V-220 is an oil-soluble film former that provides excellent water and wear resistance.
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