Ganex™ P-904 LC

Ganex™ P-904 LC is an excellent film former that provides water and wear resistance, and moisture barrier properties.
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Product Overview
INCI Butylated PVP

Ganex™ polymers have differing hydrophobic/hydrophilic characteristics that provide a wide range of solubility and functionality. All are excellent pigment dispersants and suspending agents. All are substantive to skin.
Product Specifications
Form: Powder
VP/Alkyl ratio: 90/10
Solubility: Water, alcohol
Tg: 157°C
Use level: Up to 0.5% for hair care

Primary Chemistry: Butylated PVP
Features & Benefits
Film former
Pigment dispersant
Suspending agent
Water soluble
Stabilizes emulsions
Enhances durability of film formers in styling formulations
Boosts high humidity resistance and curl retention
Boosts initial stiffness of hairspray
Vegan suitable
Problems Solved
Need improved durability of film formers at low use levels for styling formulations
Lip balm
Hair styling