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Ganex™ P-904 LC

Butylated PVP is an excellent film former that provides water and wear resistance, and moisture barrier properties.


100lb Drum



Product Overview

INCI Butylated PVP

Differing hydrophobic/hydrophilic characteristics of the series provide a wide range of solubility and functionality. All are excellent pigment dispersants and suspending agents. All are substantive to skin. Antaron polymers are sold under the Ganex trade name in the USA.

Product Specifications

Form: Powder
Use Level: Up to 0.5%
Primary Chemistry: Butylated PVP

Features & Benefits

Water soluble
Stabilizes emulsions
Enhances durability of film formers in styling formulations
Boosts high humidity resistance


Ideal for sunscreens, lipsticks, lip balms, and hair styling products

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