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Ganex™ WP-660

Triacontanyl PVP is an oil-soluble film former that provides water resistance and wear resistance for a variety of skin care formulations, including sunscreens and color cosmetics.


200lb Drum



Product Overview

INCI Triacontanyl PVP

In sunscreen formulas with organic UV filters, these film formers are known to be SPF boosters. In color cosmetic formulas and mineral-based sunscreens, these film formers and waterproofers also help with pigment dispersion and improve SPF. Antaron™ WP-660 polymer is provided under the name of Ganex WP-660 in the USA.

Product Specifications

Form: Off-white thin solid flakes
Melt Point: 65°C
Add to oil phase with heat
Typical use level: 1-5%
For lip care, suggested use level: 5-30%
For color cosmetics, suggested use level: Up to 5.0%
For novel hair stylers, suggested use level: up to 2.0%

Features & Benefits

Film former
Pigment dispersant
Boosts SPF
Better feeling, more efficacious sunscreens in different product forms
Longer wear and wear resistance
Transfer resistance


Ideal for emulsion, gel cream, gel, mousse, spray milks/emulsions, masks, solids/sticks

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