Gantrez™ A-425

Gantrez™ A-425 is a Butyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer at 50% solids in ethanol. It was designed to offer flexibility with an optimized molecular weight, resulting in a relatively low viscosity.
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Product Overview
INCI Butyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer

Gantrez™ ester polymers are multifunctional fixative and styling polymers designed for spray styling, specifically hairsprays. Gantrez™ enables the stylist or consumer to create artistic hair styles, special effects with curling/flat irons, lift and spray volume, and sculpted styled hair.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear viscous solution, 50% solids in ethanol
Color: 4 max
Acid number (solids basis): 240-265
% Water: 0.5 max
Specific viscosity: 0.28 - 0.35
Features & Benefits
Moldable long-term hold for waves and updo
hair styles
For hair styles with special effects
Soft, natural feel in hair
Spray and heat style; does not stick to curling/flat irons
Easy brushable, no/low residue
Controls frizz and fly-aways
Provides shine for gloss finish
Humidity resistance
High hold
Good style retention
No flaking
Easy removability by shampoo
Compatibility with additives
Pigment dispersion
Emulsion stabilizer
Good propellant compatibility
Low viscosity
Formulation flexibility
Suits all hair types
Produces sprays for premium market
Vegan Suitable
Ideal for aerosol and non-aeresol hair sprays, spritzer gels, mousses, styling creams/lotions, pomades, waxes, pastes