Lubrajel™ Hydrogels

Lubrajel™ Hydrogels

Key Applications

Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care

Product Description

These hydrogels offer wide ranges of enhancing technologies to make products feel more elegant, deliver a multitude of functions and aid ease of formulation. As a rheology modifier, they come in several versions with varying viscosities, from the highly viscous Lubrajel DV hydrogel used in emulsion stabilization and suspension of compatible materials such as titanium dioxide to Lubrajel Oil hydrogel, an oil-like, low viscosity gel. They are also effective at stabilizing emulsions in various personal care applications.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Lubrajel™ BA Lubrajel™ BA hydrogel provides a great formulation option for dry mouth. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ CG Superior moisturizer and lubricant. Increases moisture balance and adds lubricious feel. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ DV Lubrajel™ DV is used primarily as a rheology modifier. It significantly increases the viscosity of almost any product. SDS TDS*
Lubrajel™ DV Free Paraben-free version of Lubrajel™ DV. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ II XD Lubrajel™ II XD is a thickener based on glyceryl polyacrylate and glycerin. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ II XD Free Paraben-free version of Lubrajel™ II XD. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ Marine Lubrajel™ Marine hydrogel is a multifunctional sensory enhancer for creating moisturising skincare formulations easily. SDS TDS*
Lubrajel™ MS Lubrajel™ MS is a safe, clear, multifunctional, skin-activated moisturizing gel. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ MS Free Paraben-free version of Lubrajel™ MS. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ Natural Lubrajel™ Natural is a naturally derived, multifunctional, cosmetic gel with extraordinary skin soothing properties and unique aesthetics. SDS TDS*
Lubrajel™ NP Lubrajel™ NP is an excellent moisturizing base. It is an equivalent of Lubrajel™ MS with no propylene glycol. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ NP Free Paraben-free version of Lubrajel™ NP. SDS TDS*
Lubrajel™ Oil Lubrajel™ Oil is a water-soluble clear gel that is an emollient matrix that imparts excellent lubricity and provides skin care products with superb spreadability. SDS TDS*
Lubrajel™ Oil Free Paraben-free version of Lubrajel™ Oil. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ PF Lubrajel™ PF is a preservative-free version of Lubrajel™ CG. SDS* TDS*
Lubrajel™ TW Lubrajel™ TW is a water-soluble clear gel that provides products with medium viscosity and very low tack. SDS* TDS*

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