Peroxydone™ K-30

Peroxydone™ K-30 is a complex of Plasdone K-29/32 polymer with hydrogen peroxide. It has a lower molecular weight than Peroxydone™ K-90.
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Product Overview

INCI PVP (and) hydrogen peroxide

Peroxydone™ complexes are very stable, solid complexes that release hydrogen peroxide on contact with water or saliva in the mouth to provide oxidative teeth whitening. As Peroxydone™ complexes retain the properties of the base polymer, these unique complexes offer a range of solubility, substantivity, viscosity and filmforming benefits.

Product Specifications
Form: Powder
Typical molecular weight of base polymer: 58,000
Typical average particle size: 175-225
Solubility: Water, ethanol, glycerol, various glycols, PEG 400
Use level: Up to 60%
Features & Benefits
Releases hydrogen peroxide for oxidative whitening
Supplied as a very stable powder
Excellent film former, tablet binder or disintegrant
Provides a range of solubilities, substantivity and viscosities
Excellent non-aqueous stability
Bland flavor profile and odor
Easy to formulate into gels, liquids, film, and tablets
Superior in-vitro whitening efficacy
Vegan suitable
Ideal for paint-on liquid and gel whiteners, gels for teeth whitening trays, dissolvable teeth whitening films, teeth whitening strips, denture cleanser tablet, on-the-go mouth rinse tablets