Plasdone™ S-630

Plasdone™ S-630 is a pharmaceutical oral care polymer which has excellent bioadhesion properties and is a tougher, more flexible film former than PVP.
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Product Overview
INCI VP/VA Copolymer

Plasdone™ S-630 VP/VA copolymer is a
grade 60:40 linear, random copolymer of N-vinyl-2-pyrolidone (PVP) and vinyl acetate.
Product Specifications
Form: White powder
Molecular weight: 47,000
Pharmaceutical grade
Features & Benefits
Acts as a tablet binder resulting in denture cleanser tablets with high breaking force and low friability
Forms tough, clear, flexible films with high substantivity to skin
Vegan suitable
Ideal for denture care and mouth moisturizers