PVP K-90

PVP K-90 100% Powder is soluble in water and many organic solvents and it forms hard, transparent, glossy film. It has an average molecular weight of 1,300,000 in Daltons.
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Product Overview

Ashland’s PVP is compatible with most inorganic salts and many resins. PVP stabilizes emulsions, dispersions and suspensions.
Product Specifications
Form: 100% White Powder
Avg. MW in Daltons: 1,300,000
Use Level: 0.25 - 3.0% solids
Primary Chemistry: PVP
Features & Benefits
Strong, stiff hold
Stabilizes emulsions, dispersions and suspensions
Foam stabilizer
Excellent compatibility with acrylate thickeners
Ideal for gels, mousses, styling creams/lotions, hair colorants, pomades, waxes, pastes.

While PVP is used as a film former in hair styling products, it can also be used as an emulsion stabilizer in creams and lotions and as a dispersant for hair colorants.