PVP/VA I-335

30/70 VP/VA ratio, 50% solution in isopropanol
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Product Overview
INCI VP/VA Copolymer

PVP/VA I-Series copolymers are linear, random copolymers produced by the free-radical polymerization of the monomers varying from 70/30 to 30/70 vinyl acetate (VA) to vinylpyrrolidone (VP), supplied in isopropanol.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear viscous liquid
VP/VA Ratio: 35/65
50% solution in isopropanol
Color (APHA) - as is: 40 max.
K-Value (1% in EtOH): 20-30
Use Level: 0.5 - 6.0% solids
Primary Chemistry: VP/VA Copolymer
Features & Benefits
Strong, stiff hold
Enhanced high humidity curl retention
Good propellant compatibility
Vegan suitable
Ideal for both aerosol and non-aerosol hairsprays