RapiThix™ Rheology Modifiers

RapiThix™ Rheology Modifiers

Key Applications

Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care

Product Description

These rheology modifiers are especially designed for use in cold-mix processes. They are easy to use, shear-tolerant, shear-thinning and effective at low use levels. The performance characteristics and benefits of the polymers allow formulators to develop a range of efficacious and appealing personal care products.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
RapiThix™ A-100 RapiThix™ A-100 is a rheology modifier supplied as a free-flowing fine powder. SDS* TDS*
RapiThix™ A-60 RapiThix™ A-60 is a rheology modifier supplied as a white milky dispersion. SDS TDS*

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