Surfadone™ LP-100

Surfadone™ LP-100 is a wetting agent that exhibits a unique combination of solvency and surface activity.
Product Overview
INCI Caprylyl Pyrrolidone

Surfadone™ LP-100 wetting agent is a more
effective dynamic surface tension
reducer/wetting agent than Surfadone™ LP-300 wetting agent, which may be attributed to the greater solubility/mobility of Surfadone™ LP-100 wetting agent in an aqueous environment.
Product Specifications
Form: Liquid
Use level: 1.0 - 5.0%
Primary Chemistry: N-Dodecyl-2-Pyrrolidone
Features & Benefits
Minimizes streaking on glass
Spreads quickly and penetrates soil at low use levels for easy dirt and soil removal
Provides high solvency power for oily and greasy soils
Listed on U.S. EPA Safer Chemical Ingredient List
Exempt under California Air Resource Board VOC guideline definitions
Favorable toxicological profiles
High surface activity at low concentrations
Rapid wetting
Low foam
Synergism with anionic surfactants
Excellent solvency
Good compatibility
Low flammability
Vegan suitable
Ideal for use in thickeners and foam stabilizers in shampoos, without need for salt or alkanolamides. It can also be used in hair conditioning agents with mild substantivity, providing body, shine and manageability. It also provides odor reduction in thioglycolate cold waves.
It works well in wipe applications for all-purpose, kitchen, bathroom, glass, floor, and disinfectant.