UltraThix™ P-100

UltraThix™ P-100 is a multi-benefit, patented rheology modifier that provides the formulation chemist with an array of benefits to the formula and for the consumer, such as shear-thinning rheological properties with yield value and positive sensory perception.
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Product Overview
INCI Acrylic Acid/VP Crosspolymer

UltraThix™ P-100 polymer allows formulators to create quick-break textures due to its shear-thinning rheology and refreshing sensory perception.
Product Specifications
Form: White powder
Haziness: 20 max
Effective pH: >5.0
Viscosity: 35,000 - 65,000 cps
Use level: 0.25 - 2.5%
Primary Chemistry: Acrylic Acid/VP Crosspolymer
Features & Benefits
Compatible with a broad range of cosmetic ingredients including anionic, nonionic, and certain cationic charged polymers
Can tolerate low levels of electrolytes
Superior humidity resistance (hair care)
No flaking on hair (hair care)
Low tack profile (hair care)
Restylability with easy combing and flaking (hair care)
Reduces the greasy feel of high oil phase emulsions (skin care)
Shear-thinning in application with longer playtime (skin care)
Dry film on skin is smooth (skin care)
Tolerates metal oxides for color cosmetics, sunscreen formulations, and baby care products
Enhances emulsion stability (skin care)
Reduces tack (skin care)
Vegan suitable
Problems Solved
Metal oxides make it difficult to find compatible thickeners
Clear gels
Spray gels
Hair and skin suspended gels
Hair and skin cream gels
Hair color
Anti-frizz/shine/smoothing creams
Hair and skin hydroalcoholic sprays
Color cosmetics
Lamellar gel formulations
O/W creams and lotions
Eye gels
Sun protection products
Hand sanitizers
Thickened PIT emulsions