Phytocohesine PSP™

Phytocohesine™ PSP biofunctional visibly improves skin appearance by targeting stratum corneum cohesion, epidermal differentiation and skin barrier.
Product Overview
INCI Sodium Beta-Sitosteryl Sulfate (and) Beta-Sitosterol

Phytocohesine™ PSP protects skin from chemical and UV insults. Composed of phytosterol sulfate, it is mainly beta-sitosterolsulfate, a homolog to cholesterol sulfate obtained by a specific process of hemi-synthesis. Phytocohesine PSP™ demonstrates the same efficacy as cholesterol sulfate and shows improved skin barrier and better protection and skin hydration.
Product Specifications
Form: White to pale yellow powder
Solubility: Water/Oil Soluble
Preservative system: Preservative-free
Use level 0.1 - 1.0% (clinically tested at 1.0%)
Features & Benefits
Helps reinforce the skin barrier and cellular membranes
Enhances keratin synthesis (in vitro)
Protects skin moisture from UV and chemical aggression
Helps improve hydration in normal and dry skin
Vegan suitable
Problems Solved
Dehydrated skin from UV and chemical aggression
Ideal for highly regenerative anti-aging skin care cosmetics; reparative and protective skin care products; moisturizing skin care products for aged, dry and fragile skin; cosmetics for sensitive skin (preserves and reinforces
skin immunovigilance); hand care products; make-up products; preparations with liposomes (stabilizer)