Zenix™ 4617

Zenix™ 4617 is an anionic surfactant; a free-acid form of an ethoxylated phosphate ester. It does not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs).
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Product Overview
INCI Oleth-5 Phosphate

When used as part of a shampoo formulation in combination with cationic guar, Zeniz 4617 improves hair's wet and dry detangling properties and reduces friction, imparting a smooth and silky feel to dry hair. Silicone-free formulations using this product can be made without a suspending agent which saves production time, decreases formulation cost, and decreases the potential for interaction between the cationic conditioning agent and the anionic suspending agent.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear yellow to amber liquid
Viscosity: ~3,300 cps
Use level: 2.0 - 4.0%
Primary Chemistry: Phosphate Ester
Features & Benefits
Yields combing performance equal to silicone-based formulations without the use of silicone
Improves the wet and dry detanging properties of shampoos formulating with cationic guar and other cationic polymers
Shortens processing time and reduces cost because formulas do not require emulsifiers or suspending agents that are required in silicone-based formulations
No potential interaction between cationic conditioning agent and anionic suspending agent
Produces a rich, creamy lather
Reduces static in bleached and brown hair
Vegan suitable
Ideal for shampoos including silicone-free and 2-in-1