Golpanol® BMP

Golpanol® BMP is used to formulate brightener additives employed in the electroplating industry. It is used as a top brightener in nickel electroplating baths at a concentration of 50 –150 mg/l.
Product Specifications
Water content: 0.5 %
pH (ISO 976, 10 %, 23 °C): 7.5 –10.5
Refractive index 1.477 –1.487
Iodine Colour: < 100
Density: 1.090 g/cm3
Primary Chemistry: 2-Butyne-1,4-diol propxylate
Features & Benefits
Ideal corrosion inhibitor for metals in acidic media
No harmful side-effects on health
Problems Solved
Poor Surface Finish After Electroplating
Dull or Matte Metal Finish
Brightener additives for electroplating, metalworking & corrosion inhibitors