Sokalan® PA 80S

Sokalan® PA 80S is a high molecular weight polyacrylic acid that is supplied in a 35% solids aqueous solution. PA 80S is an excellent sequestrant for calcium and magnesium salts.
Product Overview
Sokalan® PA 80S is an effective sequestrant for calcium and magnesium while also acting as a detergent booster for oily soils in laundry applications.

Sokalan® PA 80S can also be used as a flocculant in water treatment applications.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
Ph (10% active): 2
Molar mass: 100,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 1,000 cP
K value: 65
Primary Chemistry: Polyacrylic acid
Features & Benefits
Supplied in acid form
Stable and effective in Chlorine formulations
Effective in sequestering Ca and Mg
Detergency booster for oily contaminates
Flocculant for water and wastewater systems
Problems Solved
Preparation of calcium and magnesium salts or ineffective sequestering agents
Low detergency of laundry detergents against oils solids
Efficacy of polyacrylic acids as flocculants in water treatment applications
Booster for fabric detergents
Laundry solutions and detergents
Water treatment flocculation