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Never-Seez® Mariner's Choice - NMCBT-8, NMCBT-16, NMC-42

Heavy-duty anti-seize and extreme-pressure lubricant formulated to assure absolute parts protection against seizure, galling, and corrosion in fresh and salt water environments.




Product Overview

Mariner's Choice offers unparalleled resistance to water washout and the best protection in continuous high-moisture environments, both above and below water lines.

Product Specifications

Color: Black-Gray
Temperature Range, °F (°C): -297°F to 2,450°F (-183°C to 1,343°C)
Thickener Type: Calcium Complex
Particle Size, mil (microns): 3.5 maximum (75 μ)
Density (g/cm3): 1.31 to 1.39
Flash Point, °F (°C): >475°F (246°C)
Salt Fog Test, hrs.: 4,000
Copper Corrosion Test @ 212°F (100°C), 24 hrs.: No Corrosion
Worked Penetration, 60 Strokes @ 77°F (25°C): 260-310
NLGI Grade: 1/2
Dropping Point, °F (°C): 572 (300)
Torque Coefficient, k factor: 0.11
Water Washout, % loss:
@ 100°F: <1.00
@ 175°F: <2.75
Bearing Rust Test (ASTM D-1764): Pass
Four Ball EP:
Load Wear Index: 127.3
Last non-seizure load (scar): 100 kgf (0.45 mm)
Last Seizure Load (scar): 620 kgf (2.21 mm)
Weld Load: 800 kgf
Fretting Wear @ 73°F (23°C), 22 hrs., mg loss: 7.15

Features & Benefits

Prevents seizure at temperatures up to 2,450°F (1,343°C)
Prevents galvanic corrosion in salt and fresh water environments
Superior resistance to water washout and water spray
Excellent extreme pressure lubricating properties
Low torque factor
Compatible with soft metals
Contains no copper
Tested to MIL-A-907E
Available in the following sizes:
• NMCBT-8 (8 oz. brush top can)
• NMCBT-16 (1 lb. brush top can)
• NMC-42 (42 lb. pail)


Bilge pumps, screw shafts, prop shaft bearing housing, winches, cables, anchor lines, porthole studs, rigging and hoist cables, Steel mills, suspension bridges, wind turbines, offshore rigging and other applications exposed to harsh salt water and fresh water conditions

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