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Food grade polyol ester base stock suitable for applications where lower viscosity is desired with a wide range of temperature capabilities. Viscosity of 22 cSt @ 40°C.


430lb Drum



Product Overview

CALESTER™ T is an ISO 22 polyol ester derived from trimethylolpropane and saturated fatty acids resulting in high stability. This base stock is suitable for use in the food manufacturing industry due to its broad temperature range, biodegradability, and renewable resources.

End Markets: Aviation & Aerospace; Industrial; Transportation


Used in many applications such as automotive engine oils, environmental lubricants, air compressor oils, transmission fluids, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases. 

CALESTER™ T can also be used as a correction fluid for base oils such as PAO and GTL.
Related Applications:  Air Compressor Oil Formulating; Automatic Transmission Fluid Formulating; Engine Oil Formulating; Grease Formulating; Hydrualic Oil Formulating; Refrigerant (Pentanes); Synthetic Lubricant Formulating; Turbine Oil Formulating

Features & Benefits

NSF registered as HX-1
High Oxidative Stability
High Viscosity Index
Low Volatility
Low Pour Point
Readily Biodegradable
Renewable Resource

Product Specifications

Viscosity @ 100°C: 4.4
Viscosity @ 40°C: 22
Viscosity @ -40°C: 4,100
Viscosity Index: 133
Pour Point, °C: -55
Flash Point, °C: 255
Water Content, wt%: 0.02
Biodegradability rating: 86%
Chemistry:  Polyol Ester
Functions:  Base Stocks

Related Products

CALESTER™ Polyol Ester

Calumet CALESTER™ base stocks are available in a variety of viscosities for aviation, refrigeration, and industrial applications. The Group V polyol esters offer excellent thermal stability, compatibility, and are biodegradable. The CALESTER™ products deliver value where traditional base stocks cannot.

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