3M Battery Electrolyte and Antistat

3M Battery Electrolyte and Antistat


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3M Ionic Liquid Antistat FC-4400 A clear fluid without metal or halogen ions, making it ideal for electronics, display and semiconductor applications. Antistat FC-4400 has no added solvents and has excellent static dissipation and is thermally stable in high temperature polymer systems. SDS* TDS*
3M Ionic Liquid Antistat FC-5000 A highly pure antistatic additive that is compatible with a wide range of high performance polymer systems. Antistat FC-5000 has no added solvents and is resistant to water washing in select polymer networks (PVDF, PVC, urethanes). SDS* TDS*
3M Lithium HQ-115 Highly pure electrolyte salt used in lithium batteries as an additive to advance battery life, improve safety and decrease gas generation. Due to its high conductivity, solubility and thermal stability, it is a great supporting electrolyte salt for rechargeable lithium polymer and primary lithium battery systems. SDS* TDS*