SAYTEX® Brominated Flame Retardants

SAYTEX® Brominated Flame Retardants

Key Applications

Thermoplastics, Foams, Thermosets, Wire and Cable, Textiles, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives

Product Description

SAYTEX® Brominated Flame Retardants are high-performing flame retardants offering superior flame retardant efficiency, and excellent thermal and UV stability. They reduce flammability by providing improved resistance to ignition from potential fire sources and aid in extinguishing fires by interfering with the reaction.


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SAYTEX® 8010 SAYTEX® 8010 is a general purpose flame retardant with very good thermal stability and high bromine content making it a prime candidate for electronic enclosures, electronic and electrical components, insulation foams and textiles (powder form). It exhibits good UV resistance and hence is suitable for use in many applications requiring color stability. Because of its very good thermal stability and low blooming characteristics, SAYTEX® 8010 flame retardant is suitable for use in systems where recycling is anticipated. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® 8010ZD SAYTEX® 8010ZD (zero dust) is a pelletized version of SAYTEX 8010. It offers excellent thermal stability, good mechanical properties and can be used in the same applications as the SAYTEX® 8010. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® BT-93W SAYTEX® BT-93W is a white powder that has better UV stability compared to the SAYTEX® 8010. It finds use in polyolefins, high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), thermoplastic polyesters (PBT, PET, etc.), polycarbonate and elastomers. Its white color allows use in color-sensitive applications. Its thermal stability allows use in engineering resins like polyesters and polyamides. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® CP-2000 SAYTEX® CP-2000 is a highly pure flame retardant containing very stable aromatic bromine  that can be used as a reactive intermediate or additive depending on the application. As a reactive flame retardant it is used in epoxy, vinyl esters and polycarbonate systems. It is very cost-effective and once reacted, it is permanent and non-migrating.As an additive flame retardant, SAYTEX® CP-2000 flame retardant is widely used in ABS. It melt blends into these systems, resulting in excellent processability, impact strength and moderate-range UV stability. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® HP-3010 SAYTEX® HP-3010  is a highly effective brominated polystyrene product with exceptional flow properties in engineering thermoplastics and excellent resistance to yellowing at high temperatures. It offers significant improvements in compounding speed and molding throughput  as well as improved dimensional stability and elongation resistance in molded parts. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® HP-7010G SAYTEX® HP-7010G is a polymeric additive containing thermally stable, aromatic bromine and is available in the granule form.It is particularly suitable for engineering plastic applications such as polyesters (PET, PBT, PCT) and polyamides (nylons). It is an ideal choice for high temperature applications such as engineering plastics. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® RB-49 SAYTEX® RB-49 is designed as a reactive intermediate for use in unsaturated or saturated polyesters, polyols, esters and imides. It allows for the highest level of bromine to be reacted into unsaturated polyesters at comparable monomer levels. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® RB-7001 SAYTEX® RB-7001 is a reactive diol that contains both halogen and phosphorous. It is generally used in rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams, urethane elastomers and coatings. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® RB-79 SAYTEX® RB-79 is a reactive diol for rigid polyurethane foam. It is widely used in urethane elastomers and coatings. It has high bromine content and is scorch resistant. It blends well with other FR's for improved processing. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® RB-7980 SAYTEX® RB-7980 is a reactive diol mixture of a polyol and liquid phosphate ester for rigid polyurethane foams, urethane elastomers and coatings. It offers lower viscosity compared to RB-79 resulting in improved processing. Lower viscosity at room temperature eliminates the need for heated, insulated storage tanks and drum-heating facilities. SDS* TDS*
SAYTEX® RB-9170 SAYTEX® RB-9170 is a low-viscosity, reactive, aromatic bromine-containing diol with high bromine content.It is generally used in rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams, urethane elastomers and coatings.  SDS* TDS*