ClearHance™ Conditioning Polymers

ClearHance™ Conditioning Polymers

Product Description

ClearHance™ conditioning polymer is a new chemistry that provides superior clarity and conditioning functionality for surfactant-based shampoos, and is also perfect for products such as body wash and liquid soap. The chemistry provides excellent conditioning benefits when tested in both wet-comb and dry-comb situations. Based on cassia seeds, naturally harvested in India.


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ClearHance™ C ClearHance™ C conditioning polymer combines superior conditioning, deposition and clarity for great shampoo formulations but is also great for conditioners, body washes, and liquid hand soaps. It's compatible with all surfactant systems and provides a luxurious creamy lather and texture, as well as good slip. ClearHance™ C is easy to process, without any pH adjustment and has low odor and color. SDS TDS*