Style Fusion™ Polyelectrolyte Polymers

Style Fusion™ Polyelectrolyte Polymers

Product Description

Style Fusion™ products are polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) formed from a combination of polymeric species. Scientists at Ashland design these complexes in such a way that they link to a particular set of style and care benefits.


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Style Fusion™ Complex 1 Style Fusion™ Complex 1 is based on a polyelectrolyte complex in the form of a micron sized particle that provides hair fiber repair properties in the form of split end mending and cuticular smoothing and also contributes to styling, shine and thermal protection, demonstrating its multifunctionality. SDS TDS*
Style Fusion™ Complex 2 Style Fusion™ Complex 2 is a durable smoothing polyelectrolyte complex with a unique gel matrix structure that provides a range of wash resistant benefits after heat activation. SDS TDS*
Style Fusion™ Complex 3 Style Fusion™ Complex 3 is ideal for consumers that require both styling and conditioning benefits from a single product. SDS TDS*