Vincience™ Actives

Vincience™ Actives

Key Applications

Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care

Product Description

These biofunctional ingredients for the prestige skin care market include peptides, botanical ingredients and biotechnologies.


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Achromaxyl™ IS Achromaxyl™ ISR Biofunctional is a skin lightening botanical extract with clinically proven efficacy on brightening skin color and age spots. This product is a patented skin-lightening active ingredient for cosmetic products. It is composed of fermented and hydrolyzed proteins extracted from the Brassicaceae family. SDS* TDS*
Achromaxyl™ ISR Achromaxyl™ ISR biofunctional is a skin brightening botanical extract with clinically proven efficacy on the appearance of skin color and reducing the appearance of age spots. SDS* TDS*
Acnacidol™ BG Acnacidol™ BG is a unique active ingredient aimed at re-establishing the physiological balance in acne-prone skin. It is composed of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (10-HDA), sebacic acid and decanediol. The target molecule of Acnacidol™ BG, 10-HDA, is a synthetic bio-mimetic version of a hydroxyl acid naturally present in Royal Jelly. During clinical studies, Acnacidol™ BG provided excellent results for seboregulation. Additional in-vitro tests on Propionibacteriumacnes demonstrated excellent anti-bacterial activity. SDS* TDS*
Actopontine™ YST Actonpontine YST™ is bioinspired by nature to optimize skin matrix architecture. SDS* TDS*
Aqua-Osmaline™ Aqua-Osmoline™ is a purified Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob) Seed Extract rich in amino acids and peptides designed to improve skin glow and hydration, by targeting water channeling. It targets several key water-related molecules to help sustain skin’s moisture and glow over time, and to help resist the appearance of premature aging. SDS* TDS*
Aquarize IS™ Aquarize IS™ is an anti-aging skin-moisturizing rice extract with clinically proven efficacy on short-term and long-term hydration of the skin. The uniqueness of this biofunctional ingredient is its ability to combine anti-aging and moisturizing properties, providing the skin with an “In and Out” hydration across the different layers. Clinical studies performed with Aquarize IS™ show short-term and long-term moisturizing benefits. SDS* TDS*
ATPeptide™ IS ATPeptide™ IS is an energy-boosting peptide specially designed to revitalize aging skin as well as smooth cellulite prone skin. It is a patented synthetic tripeptide designed to enhance cell energy rebound and boost cells' metabolism. It helps the skin to recover from physiological changes or environmental stresses. SDS* TDS*
Blumilight™ Premium cocoa peptides for blue light pollution. SDS* TDS*
Capauxein™ Capauxein™ is a corn extract that may boost hair regeneration and targets cell adhesion, communication and hair elongation. Based on ex-vivo results, Capauxein™, part of the BiotHAIRapy™ line of biofunctional ingredients, may help enhance communication and cell signalin by improving the expression o fproteins involved in cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion such as fibronectin, laminin and integrins. SDS* TDS*
Caspaline 14™ Caspaline 14™ biofunctional is a synthetic peptide to help enhance skin’s natural UV defenses and help fight the visible signs of aging. SDS* TDS*
Chondricare™ IS Chondricare™ IS biofunctional is an anti-aging peptide designed to adaptively energize skin; inspired by the science of mitochondrial DNA. SDS* TDS*
Chromafend™ Chromafend™ biofunctional is a unique patent-pending flax extract designed to help conserve melanin in the hair follicle. This innovative technology targets specific proteins that are key to the control of melanin synthesis. Research shows that Chromafend biofunctional boosts essential markers for protecting natural hair color as demonstrated by in vitro and ex vivo studies. This protection technology may help preserve and protect the natural beauty of hair resulting in a youthful, healthy appearance. SDS* TDS*
Chronogen™ Chronogen™ biofunctional is an innovative anti-aging tetrapeptide, designed using advanced molecular biology and inspired by epigenetic science. SDS* TDS*
Collaxyl™ IS Collaxyl™ IS is clinically proven to reduce significantly the length and depth of wrinkles. Its skin repair benefits have application in after shave men's anti-aging products. SDS* TDS*
Cotton Bloom™ 5S Cotton Bloom™ 5S Biofunctional is composed of oligosaccharides for skin hydration, nutrition and protection. It has been designed to cushion skin and buffer stress, and to leave the skin in a soft, nutritive and protective environment, like in a cocoon. This product contains glucose oligosaccharides from cotton plant, trehalose, fructose, sucrose and inositol from various botanical origins. SDS* TDS*
Cotton Bloom™ GL SDS* TDS*
Cotton Bloom™ IS Cotton Bloom™ IS is designed for improving skin barrier and reducing the appearance of irritated skin. SDS* TDS*
Dermostatyl™ IS Dermostatyl™ IS is a skin-lightening peptide obtained bysynthesis, which acts as an antagonist to a-MSH. The binding of a-MSH to its receptors mediates skin pigmentation. It competessfor a-MSH binding to its receptors, thereby decreasing melanin synthesis. Dermostatyl™ IS induces a decrease in the melanin content in epidermal cells. SDS* TDS*
D'Orientine™ S D’Orientine™ S is a date palm kernel extract with clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy. Its free radical scavenging properties protect skin from environmental sources of aging and wrinkling. It is a patented, plant-derived active ingredient extracted from the date-palm kernel (Phoenix Dactylyfera). SDS* TDS*
Dynachondrine™ ISR Dynachondrine™ ISR biofunctional is a bioenergizing botanical extract inspired by scientific knowledge of mitochondrial sirtuin (SIRT3); designed to increase skin energy and reduce ROS. SDS* TDS*
Dynagen™ Dynagen™ biofunctional is a patent-pending yeast extract designed to nurture essential markers to help minimize hair fall and to help strengthen the hair follicle while nourishing the hair root. By targeting specific protein markers, in vitro studies show that Dynagen biofunctional may help protect and combat the visual effects of aging, thinning hair. SDS* TDS*
Ederline™ S Ederline™ S is an apple seed extract with clinically proven wrinkle reduction properties that helps to rejuvenate aged skin. It is a lipidic apple seed extract which counters skin aging deficiencies, such as hormone decline, by acting as a substitute. Ederline™ S is obtained through the extraction of the unsaponifiable fraction of the oilseed, which is known for its regenerating compounds including phytostimulines (phytohormones), ursolic acid (known for its soothing properties), phytosterols, tocopherolvitamins, and waxes. SDS* TDS*
Elixiance™ Natural and sustainable Peruvian Schinus molle extract wtih pollution-shielding, skin purifying and age-perfecting benefits. SDS* TDS*
GP4G IS™ GP4G IS™ is a unique plankton extract that energizes and protects skin from environmental stress, and enhances maintenance and repair. It is designed for energizing and regenerating skin care products. It is also offers a new way to increase cellular defenses against UV stress. This product suggested for use in day creams for DNA protection and repair; anti-photoaging cosmetic skin care; sun product SDS* TDS*
GP4G SP™ GP4G SP™ is an aquatic energizing and protecting plankton nucleotides to help the skin absorb environmental aging shocks. SDS* TDS*
Harmoniance™ Harmoniance™ biofunctional is a powerful botanical obtained from the whole, fresh, and living Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) plant. Using Zeta Fraction™ technology, the whole living Sacred Lotus plant, including flower, stem, leaf, and root is separated as fractions, thus preserving the original cellular architecture and capturing the plant's synergistic properties. SDS* TDS*
Heliostatine IS™ Heliostatine IS™ is a patented active ingredient extracted from green peas and is designed for tan prolongation, skin protection, anti-aging and photo-aging cosmetic products. By increasing melanin synthesis, Heliostatine IS™ improves the skin’s natural physiological protection thereby prolonging the natural healthy glow and radiance of the skin. SDS* TDS*
Laminixyl IS™ Laminixyl IS™ biofunctional is a laminin-5 peptide designed to help preserve skin integrity and the dermal-epidermal junction. SDS* TDS*
Lipigenine™ Lipigenine™ biofunctional is a flax seed extract designed to help advance physical and biochemical skin barrier functions. SDS* TDS*
Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen LMW™ Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen LMW is unique in that it contains low molecular weight (LMW) collagen oligopeptides of marine origin. SDS* TDS*
Neoglycogen™ Neoglycogen™ biofunctional is a nourishing and energizing botanical glucose polymer mimetic of glycogen. SDS* TDS*
Neomatrix™ Neomatrix™ biofunctional is inspired by wound healing science and stratifin epidermal biomessenger that is linked with dermal remodeling and wrinkle repair. SDS* TDS*
Oleanoline™ IS Oleanoline™ IS biofunctional is an olive leaf extract that detoxifies and clarifies skin and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of irritated skin. SDS* TDS*
Orsirtine™ ISR Orsirtine™ ISR is a breakthrough anti-aging technology, based on sirtuins, that promotes skin longevity ex vivo. It is positioned for anti-aging facial products. This product promotes long-term skin benefits and protection from environmental aggression. It is extracted from rice (oryza sativa) and contains sirtuin (SIRT1)-activating compounds, also called 'STACS'. SDS* TDS*
Oxygenated Glycerol Triesters D™ (OGT-D) Oxygenated Glycerol Triesters D™ biofunctional is clinically shown to help improve scalp condition; helps provide comfort and soothing properties: Super-oxygenated corn oil; Soothing properties. SDS* TDS*
Peptide Q10™ Peptide Q10™ biofunctional is a bioengineered anti-aging peptide designed to help boost the endogenous synthesis of Coenzyme Q10 and enhance the skin’s natural antioxidant defense. SDS* TDS*
Peptide Vinci 02™ IS Peptide Vinci 02™ IS enhances dermal repair and regeneration. It has also been clinically proven to plump lips. SDS* TDS*
Perenityl™ IS Perenityl™ IS biofunctional is based on clinical studies. This biofunctional, an anti-wrinkle pear seed extract, shows consumer perceivable wrinkle reduction and significant improvement in skin surface appearance. SDS* TDS*
Phytocohesine PSP™ Phytocohesine™ PSP biofunctional visibly improves skin appearance by targeting stratum corneum cohesion, epidermal differentiation and skin barrier; helps preserve skin from chemical and UV insults. SDS* TDS*
Phytoneomatrix™ Designed to enhance in vitro expression of stratifin, an epidermal biomessenger that optimizes epidermal-dermal cross-talk linked to matrix remodeling response and wrinkle repair. By targeting the superficial layers of the skin with an indirect benefit in the dermis, the stratifin technology fits with the general definition of a cosmetic product and answers global cosmetic needs. SDS* TDS*
Phytoquintescine™ Phytoquintescine™ is an innovative extract designed to help boost the skin's natural process to address oxidative stress, to preserve from environmental damage and premature signs of skin aging. This product is suggested for use in anti-aging products, anti-pollution and anti-stress products, radiance enhancing, sun care and products for sensitive skins. SDS* TDS*
PhytoRNx Baobab™ Baobab seed extract rich in plant small RNAs and associated with improved epigenetic homeostasis in aging skin. SDS* TDS*
Procataline™ Procataline™ biofunctional is a pea extract designed to help hair combat the effects of oxidative stress. This patent-pending technology may help hair defense, as demonstrated by in vitro and ex vivo studies, by helping maintain the level of antioxidant protein expression in the hair follicles. In addition, it may assist the scalp to limit hair cell death in stress conditions and may aid in the preservation of hair color. It therefore results in the appearance of healthy, fuller, younger-looking hair. SDS* TDS*
Prolixir S20™ Prolixir S20™ is a patent-pending dimer tripeptide specifically designed to target the Ubiquitin-Proteasome (Ub-P) System and to help achieve successful aging through a sustained proteasome efficacy and less protein damage. SDS* TDS*
Protectagen™ Protectagen™ is a rice extract found to boost proteins linked to stem cell functions ex-vivo to optimize hair growth cycle. It helps boost markers of hair follicle stem cells associated with hair regeneration. This product may help preserve against harmful sun exposure, evidenced by the lower expression of P53 markers ex-vivo. SDS* TDS*
Quintescine™ IS Quintescine™ IS is a glutathione-biomimetic antioxidant peptide that protects against glycation damage, protects skin from environmental stresses, and prevents loss of skin resiliency. It is a patented biological antioxidant peptide that increases the skin's antioxidant defenses, providing protection against all kinds of oxidative stress and reducing glycation damage. SDS* TDS*
SeaStem™ SeaStem™ biofunctional with Zeta Fraction™ technology regenerates skin and protects against the negative effects of environmental pollutants. SDS* TDS*
Serenityl™ Serenityl™ biofunctional is a sustainably and ethically-sourced oil-soluble extract from the bark of the condurango vine, a Colombian plant. It offers a skin detoxination, oxygenation and wellness solution that is both a sustainable and effective. SDS* TDS*
Signaline™ S Signaline™ S biofunctional is a botanical cellular activation signal amplifier for a youthful and more efficient skin function. SDS* TDS*
Stratixyl™ Stratixyl™ is a biofunctional ingredient recommended for formulations targeting reinforcement of the skin barrier and moisturization, in particular those for consumers having dry, flaky skin. Additionally, it should be considered for aftershave products and products used after skin peels or dermabrasion, given that these actions may disrupt the skin’s natural barrier function. SDS* TDS*
Suberlift™ Suberlift™ is a clinically proven botanical instant smoothing tensor that provides lift and firming to skin. It is a natural extract of the cork oak (Quercus suber), which contains the active ingredient suberin. SDS* TDS*
Suprastim™ Suprastim™ helps mitigate the signs of skin fatigue and helps revive skin, imparting a healthy glow. SDS* TDS*
Survixyl IS™ Survixyl IS™ biofunctional helps boost the Stemness Recovery Complex™ to preserve the niche environment of epidermal stem cells and optimize epidermal self-rejuvenation. A botanical version extracted from rice Oryza sativa is available under the trade name Survixyl RZ™ biofunctional. Oryza sativa is listed on the Chinese list of recognized ingredients in 2003 (Ministry of Health). SDS* TDS*
Survixyl RZ™ Survixyl RZ™ was inspired by the science of stem cell biology and the potential benefits of maintaining the Stemness Recovery Complex™. SDS* TDS*
Telosense™ Inspired by telomere science, Telosense™ biofunctional, complex of hydrolzed yeast and soya proteins, is designed to reduce the signs of aging. It has been shown in vitro to help maintain the TRF2 protein. SDS* TDS*
Thymophytane™ IS Thymophytane™ IS is a unique rice extract designed to reinforce the skin's physical and biological barrier functions and to preserve the youthful appearance of skin. It is a patented vegetal active ingredient for anti-aging and sensitive skin care products, obtained by selective extraction of the proteic fraction of rice (Oryza sativa) grains. SDS* TDS*
UCPeptide™ V UCPeptide™ V is an innovative slimming peptide. It is a patented, UCP-like peptide obtained by synthesis and designed for slimming skin care products. The sequence of UCPeptide™ V is similar to a common sequence in uncoupling proteins (UCPs), a universal family of mitochondrial transporters that allow energy to be released as heat. SDS* TDS*
Vegetal Ceramides BGG™ Vegetal Ceramides BGG™ is a skin barrier enhancer that is clinically proven to improve skin moisturization. It is derived from a rice extract containing a mixture of sphingolipids (ceramides) and phospholipids. Botanical Butylene Glycol is incorporated in place of synthetic Butylene Glycol. Ceramides play an important role in the structure and quality of the stratum corneum. Ceramides represent the main components of the intercellular lipid cement (40%). SDS* TDS*
Vegetal Ceramides BGS™ Vegetal Ceramides BGS™ is a skin barrier enhancer that is clinically proven to improve skin moisturization. It is derived from a rice extract containing a mixture of sphingolipids (ceramides) and phospholipids. Ceramides play an important role in the structure and quality of the stratum corneum. Ceramides represent the main components of the intercellular lipid cement (40%). SDS* TDS*
Vital ET™ Vital ET™ is a new and unique bio-functional form of Vitamin E. It delivers proven anti-erythemal and anti-inflammatory benefits. The properties of Vital ET™ can be used in the formulation of products for the prevention and remediation of sunburn, for acne, and treatment products targeting the effects of ageing and environmental stress. SDS* TDS*