Key Applications

Doughs; Batter

Product Description

Leaveners cause a foaming action which lightens and softens doughs and batters. These products incorporate bubbles into dough mixtures, which create holes in the dough, leaving a light and fluffy finished product.


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Acid Blend 253 Acid Blend 253 is a mixture of acid-reacting salts and a starch carrier that is used as an acidifier. SDS* TDS*
ADM Cream Acid Salt A mixture of acid-reacting salts with a starch carrier that is used as an acidifier. This grade has a higher concentration of calcium and sodium compared to Acid Blend 253. SDS* TDS*
Baking Powder A high-performance leavener of the double-acting type, this baking powder provides a consistent release of leavening gas at the appropriate stages of mixing and baking. SDS* TDS*
Baking Powder B This high-performance leavener is used specifically for biscuits. It provides consistent release of carbon dioxide resulting in uniform volume and symmetry. SDS* TDS*
SALP Double Acting Baking Powder This leavener is designed for use in frozen and microwavable batters. It is also particularly beneficial in formulations where high levels of corn syrup solids have replaced sucrose. SDS* TDS*
SAS Baking Powder Leavener SDS* TDS*
SAS Type 2 Baking Powder An economical double-acting leavening agent suitable in a variety of applications. SDS* TDS*
Single Act Baking Powder K-893 Consisting of a single acid salt, this leavener provides a slow rate of reaction. SDS* TDS*
Special Single Baking Powder SDS* TDS*
Tart-O-Cream This unique leavener produces larger cakes with less shrinkage and is cost effective when used to replace cream of tartar. This leavener should not be combined with sodium bicarbonate to create baking powder-type leaveners. SDS* TDS*