Specialty Base and Mixes

Specialty Base and Mixes

Key Applications

Bread; Donuts; Tortillas; Cookies; Cakes

Product Description

Specialty base mixes provide a complete blend of ingredients to provide a uniform and consistent final product. These products provide improved mixing characteristics and machinability of the dough.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
AZ Tortilla Base AZ Tortilla Base is complete with all necessary ingredients to make flour tortillas. It also eliminates scaling errors and reduces inventory requirements. SDS TDS
Extram H, Kosher Extram H, Kosher is an economical replacement for non-fat dry milk in bread, cake, sweet goods, cookies, and donuts. SDS TDS
Multi Grain 380, w/o Soy Flour Comprised of eight natural grains, this base can be used in a variety of baking products, including bread, crackers and granola bars. SDS TDS