Molykote Ammonia Compressor Oils
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Molykote Ammonia Compressor Oils

Product Description

Compressors are a mechanical device used to pressurize and circulate a gas through a process of some kind. There are many types of compressors that exist and lubrication is essential to minimize friction and wear of bearings and other moving surfaces, act as a seal to prevent gas leakage, protect against rust and corrosion, prevent deposit formation on hot discharge surfaces and provide a means for adequate heat removal.

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MOLYKOTE® L-0660 PARA SYNTHETIC REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR OIL An ISO 68 grade hydrocracked MO that contains a pour point depressant. SDS TDS*
MOLYKOTE® L-0668 AMMONIA REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR OIL An ISO 68 grade napthenic MO that contains no additive packages. SDS* TDS*