KATHON™ LX 1.5% Latex Preservative

KATHON™ LX 1.5% Latex Preservative

Key Applications

Preservative; Adhesive Preservation; Coating Preservation

Product Description

This isothiazolinone-based preservative is used to protect polymers, coatings, adhesives and pigments and is an effective and efficient in-can preservative for systems with pH 2-8.5, extending shelf life of a product in its wet state. If long-term preservation of a finished adhesive or coating is desired, a thin film fungicide or mildewcide is needed.


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KATHON™ LX 1.5% A preservative based on chloromethyl and methyl isothiazolinone (CMIT and MIT) approved for certain industrial uses. (see federal label) SDS* TDS*