Lithium Hypochlorite
FMC Lithium

Lithium Hypochlorite

Key Applications

chlorinate pools/spas; laundry stain remover; odor control for sulphur smell in water treatment facilities

Product Description

Used to chlorinate pools and spas, lithium hypochlorite is 100x more soluble than calcium hydroxide and 1000x more soluble than calcium carbonate, eliminating cloudiness, residue, and scale. When used regularly, it will sharply decrease the frequency of fouled chemical feed pumps, clogged filters, undesired backwashes, and expensive repair and replacements.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Bleach Lithium Hypochlorite based dry laundry bleach combines effectivelness of sodium hypochlorite with ease of formulation, convenience in use and absence of bulk. SDS* TDS*
Industrial Sanitizer Used as an industrial disinfectant and/or sanitizer SDS TDS*