Anderol Industrial Lubricants

Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids; Gear Oils; Bearing Oil; Greases; Compressor fluids; Aviation fluids; Pump Oils; Finished Fluids; Metal working fluids; General Industrial Fluids; Engine Oils; Turbine Oils; Marine Oils; Fuel Additives; Specialty Lubricants; Mil-Spec Lubricants

Product Description

These specialty Industrial lubricants are designed for niche applications such as low-temp hydraulics, specialty pumps, chains oils, and food machinery.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
4999 Synthetic hydrocarbon based (PAO) gear lubricant (ISO 1000) formulated with additives that enhance oxidation stability and provide rust, corrosion and wear protection. SDS* TDS*
Polyguard 4100 Advanced, environmentally friendly open gear lubricant which does not contain an asphaltic material while employing a solvent that evaporates nearly twice as fast as alternative products. SDS* TDS*
Seamer Oil 130 H-1 food machinery lubricant designed specifically for advanced seamer equipment which lubricates the bearings, chains, and gears of an advanced seamer with a recirculating lubrication system. SDS* TDS*