Naugalube Phenolic Antioxidants

Key Applications

Antioxidants; Petroleum additives; Anti-wear; Extreme Pressure; Friction Modifier

Product Description

Offered in a variety of physical forms, these antioxidants provide processing stability and long-term heat stability. Common applications include polyethylene, polypropylene ABS, polyester, polyamine, rubber, PVC, styrenics and lubricants.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
15 Ashless, sulfur containing hindered phenol used in high temperature operating conditions such as engine oils, gear oils and greases. SDS* TDS*
38 Hindered phenolic liquid anitoxidant which stabilizes lubricants with mineral oils and synthetic fluids. SDS* TDS*
531 Liquid hindered phenolic based anti-oxidant (di-t-butylhydroxytoluene) with hi purity and soluability. SDS* TDS*