SilGrip Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

SilGrip Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
PSA518 Silicone PSA in xylene. Excellent balance of tack, peel adhesion, lap shear, creep resistance and electrical properties SDS* TDS*
PSA529 Silicone PSA in toluene. Can have elastomeric properties when cured with SRC18. SDS* TDS*
PSA590LD Silicone PSA in toluene designed with low dusting properties. Used in coating of film and fabric for industrial pressure sensitive tapes and to splice silicone release liners. SDS* TDS*
PSA595 Specialized for coating film and fabric substrates for industrial and electrical insulation tapes. SDS* TDS*
PSA6573A Higher sheer and creep resistance. Displays low tack at room temperature and aggressive PSA at 93°C SDS* TDS*
PSA6574 Specialized for tapes used in plasma/flame spray applications due to its excellent thermal stability. Also used in vibration dampening. SDS* TDS*
PSA915 Specialized for use with PTFE coated fabric substrates for use in PVC welding. Also suitable for heat-sealing applications. SDS* TDS*
SR500 PSA primer SDS* TDS*
SR545 Silicone resin used to modify SilGrip PSA grade's properties. Increases peel and sheer while decreasing tack SDS* TDS*
SRC18 Amino alkoxy Silane liquid which promotes all SilGrip grades in condensation cure but especially recommended with PSA529 and PSA6573A. Not recommended for PSA tapes. SDS* TDS*