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Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease

Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease is a white buttery grease formulated specifically for Electronic Grade applications. Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease has all of the same properties as the 143 series base oil that they are made from, but in grease form. Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease has a viscosity of 270 cSt @38°C.




Product Overview

Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease lubricants for use in clean rooms require base oils that have been specially distilled to remove the more volatile, lighter molecules that might evaporate easily. In addition, the use of special thickeners that do not contain metals, reactive compounds, or large particles is also necessary to meet some clean room standards.

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade: - 2
Color: - White
Base Oil Viscosity cSt @38°C: 270
Vapor Pressure of base oil @38°C: 8 x 10–8
Pour Point °C: -35°C:
Oil Separation at 99°C (210°F): - 3%
Grease Density, g/ml @25°C: 1.93
Operating Temperature Range, °C: -34 to 288

Primary Chemistry: PFPE

Features & Benefits

Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease lubricants have higher molecular weight and low vapor pressure. 

Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease have good radiation resistance, but typically are not good lower temperature

Krytox™ EG 2000 Grease offer wide temperature range capability, chemical inertness, and compatibility with almost all seals and plastic materials.

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Krytox™ greases are nontoxic lubricants that maintain their lubricity and viscosity properties to reduce maintenance costs associated with re-lubrication, component failure, and downtime in demanding applications. They are created by thickening synthetic perfluoropolyether-based oil (PFPE) with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder.

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